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UCD CCI launches a range of online qualifications in Forensic Computing & Cybercrime Investigation


UCD's CCI has expanded its range of online qualifications in the areas of forensic computing and cybercrime investigation.

Programmes of Study

Programmes for Law Enforcement:
UCD's Centre for Cybercrime Investigation offers a range of online courses to cater for the individual needs of Law Enforcement in the areas of forensic computing and cybercrime investigation. The courses are open to agents of any organisation which has responsibility for the enforcement of national or local legislation Prospective students have the opportunity to select from a suite of diverse modules that best align with their own individual needs and career goals. The modularised format means that students may choose to study individual modules or combinations of modules leading to an internationally recognized accredited qualification:

Participants, in choosing their own modules, design their own certificate/diploma/masters.This means that students can exactly meet their own development needs and position themselves to seize future career opportunities.

A very important feature of all of the programmes is that students can progress at their own pace.
A module may be used towards a university accreditation. Accreditation requires a minimum of 30 credits for a certificate, 60 credits for a diploma and 90 credits for a masters. The modules must be taken within a specified time period, typically of the order of three years.
UCD CCI gives students the opportunity to undertake a programme of learning that is tailored to their own career requirements. All modules are designed in line with constantly evolving law enforcement needs and for this reason are subject to regular review and update.

Academic accreditation:

  • MSc Forensic Computing & Cybercrime Investigation(90 credits)
  • Graduate Diploma Forensic Computing & Cybercrime Investigation(60 credits)
  • Graduate Diploma Forensic Computing(60 credits)
  • Graduate Diploma Cybercrime Investigation(60 credits)
  • Graduate Certificate Forensic Computing & Cybercrime Investigation(30 credits)
  • Graduate Certificate Forensic Computing(30 credits)
  • Graduate Certificate Cybercrime Investigation(30 credits)
  • Continuing Professional Development Modules Forensic Computing & Cybercrime Investigation(5/10 credits)

The MSc in Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation (FCCI) is UCD CCI's flagship programme. It is recognized internationally as the leading specialisation for Law Enforcement. The purpose of the MSc is to produce graduates with skills enabling them to effectively carry out investigations across a broad spectrum of cybercrimes It introduces the concepts, principles, and professional practice in forensic computing and cybercrime investigation. For accreditation students must successfully complete module examinations at UCD (or other locations subject to UCD approval).

Programmes for Non-Law Enforcement: