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Professor Joe Carthy


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College Principal and Dean of Science at UCD

Contact Details


Phone: +353 1 716 2481

Brief Biography

Prof. Joe Carthy is College Principal and Dean of Science at at UCD. He was previously Head of the UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics. He is active in two research areas: Cybercrime Investigation and Forensic Computing and Information Retrieval.

Prof. Carthy is also Director of the UCD Centre for Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigation (CCI). CCI is recognised worldwide as a leading centre for research in cybercrime investigation for international law enforcement with clients including INTERPOL, Europol, Indian CBI, Irish Government, the Irish Banking Federation, Netherlands Police Academy, Microsoft and Visa Europe He also participates in the Interpol and Eurpol fora for Cybercrime Investigation.

Prof. Carthy has supervised/co-supervised 33 postgraduates (13 PhD and 20 MSc by research) to completion. He is currently supervising three PhD students. He has a strong record in winning funding for research activities and together with colleagues has been awarded more than €4.6 million for research projects. In addition, together with colleagues in UCD, he has won in excess of €1.8 million for various education projects.

Prof. Carthy is a highly regarded and innovative teacher who continues to be involved in the use of online learning, small group teaching and active learning. He currently teaches three undergraduate courses in Computer Science.

Prof. Carthy is a director of Camara, not-for-profit organization that refurbishes and sends computers from Ireland to schools and other educational institutions in Africa, Ireland and the Caribbean.

Research Interests

Cybercrime Investigation and Forensic Computing
Intelligent Information Retrieval
Incident Analysis
Incident Report Retrieval
Lexical Chaining for Topic Tracking and Detection and News Story Segmentation


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