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  • Managing a Digital Investigation Unit

Managing a Digital Investigation Unit

A Handbook for Senior Law Enforcement Officers


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This Handbook is available to senior members of law enforcement organisations, who are responsible for the management of a cybercrime unit. As this is the first edition of this handbook, we would appreciate feedback/suggestions for future editions.

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Handbook contents

Why has the Handbook been developed

This handbook was developed following a survey
of law enforcement officers conducted by UCD Centre for Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Investigation, with regards to the effective management of digital crime investigation units. 

Who is it for?

Senior management in digital investigation / cybercrime units are often promoted from other disciplines. In this regard they cannot be
expected to already understand the requirements for managing a team of highly trained specialist digital investigators.

What does it cover?

The Handbook will assist with the operation of
such a unit, starting with providing an
understanding of the range of digital evidence encountered today. It gives an overview of the processes, knowledge and skills required and resourcing requirements including equipment and training. This handbook was developed for a European reader, so refers to European
budgets, laws, etc.

Comments on the first edition of the Handbook:

  • "Very readable format."
  • "I found the articles very well written and easy to understand - even for those people not used to reading text in the english language."
  • "A very valuable handbook when you have to understand the complexity of the area"
  • "What is particularly helpful is the fact that it provides a timeline and a budget for setting up and running this unit. In other words, this handbook is the best possible place to start if one has no previous knowledge about digital investigation and wants to gain some."
  • "A very fine collection of information for the senior managers, esp. those coming from a non-technical or non-IT background."