The UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life (CEPL) in association with the UCD College of Social Sciences and Law presents a weekly series of lunchtime seminars on various aspects of ethics that will run through the academic year.  The seminars aim to address ethical issues as issues of intellectual interest that cross disciplinary borders.  All interested members of academic staff in UCD as well as PhD students are welcome to attend.

The seminars take place in Newman Building D101 on Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

2017-18 Semester 2

January 25

Andreas Hess (Sociology) and
Iseult Honohan (Politics)

“The grounds and limits of Political Obligation”.
February 15 Kalpana Shankar (Information and Communication Studies) and
Marguerite Barry (Information and Communication Studies)
“Ethics of data”
February 22 Wolfgang Marx (Music)  “Ethical aspects of internet use”
March 29 Anna Bortolan (Philosophy) "The Ethical Relevance of Self-Esteem"
April 5 Paul Giladi (Philosophy) “A Neglected form of Injustice ”
April 12 Samantha Matin-McAuliffe and Philip Crowe (Architecture) "Ethics and the City" 
April 19 Marie Luce Paris (Law) and
Slobodan Tomic (Law)
“Transparency in Public Life”
Aprll 26 Alexa Zellentin (Politics) and
Eleanor Higgins (Business)
 "Sustainable practices"