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Centre for Humanitarian Action

Lárionad um Ghníomh Daonnúil


UCD Centre for Humanitarian Action offers a structured electives programme in humanitarian action open to undergraduate students any discipline. Structured electives in humanitarian action provide evidence that a student has demonstrated a commitment to a humanitarian action education alongside their primary degree.  Graduates who have completed at least 15 ECTS in undergraduate electives offered by the Centre for Humanitarian action will have this noted on their final UCD transcripts as the completion of

Structured Electives in Humanitarian Action

Humanitarian action undergraduate education at the CHA is designed to raise awareness of humanitarian action occurring at an Irish, EU, and international level by ensuring graduates are cognisant of the various histories, values, and challenges of different humanitarian actors.  The objective of the structured electives is to provide an opportunity to UCD students from disparate academic disciplines to pursue humanitarian action as a common field of study. 

The programme aims to provide UCD undergraduate students with the competences to:

  • Critically analyse contemporary approaches to humanitarian intervention in global disasters, both man-made and natural;
  • Assess the principles and practices of humanitarian action from their respective fields of study; and
  • Embark on a future career with a humanitarian focus. 

The aim and objectives are based on a core belief in the necessity to take a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to humanitarian education.  As such, the programme is designed to provide humanitarian specific training while encouraging discussion and learning from across UCD Schools.  To facilitate a multidisciplinary teaching environment while ensuring humanitarian specific knowledge, a required humanitarian ‘core’ module has been developed by CHA in conjunction with a variety of related modules from across Schools.  To facilitate a multidisciplinary learning environment, the CHA will seek to create a disciplinarily diverse student base comprised of students studying across UCD Schools.

More information on modules:

RDEV 10160: Introduction to Humanitarian Action

RDEV 10170: Introduction to Politics in Humanitarian Action

RDEV 30370: Advanced Humanitarian Action - Theory and Practice



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