November 29th  |  7pm  |  St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

Join the Living Stones, Newman Society, UCD CU and the UCD Chaplaincy for carols and a short talk in Belfield Church follwed by refreshments in the Student Centre as we close out the semester by preparing ourselves for Christmas!

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November 23rd  |  6pm  |  St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

Join us for a meal and short service led by UCD Living Stones! These are wonderful events of worship, reflection and community building led by our fantastic and passionate students. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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October 19th  |  4pm  |  Fitzgerald Debating Chamber

Join us for a conversation with 'Science Mike' McHargue, host of the 'Ask Science Mike' podcast and author of the bestselling 'Finding God In The Waves'! Mike will be sharing some of his story and exploring the interplay between science and faith before being questioned by auditors from the Atheist & Secular Society, PhilSoc, BioSoc and Science Soc. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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October 25th  |  6pm  |  St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

Join us for a short service run by the Newman Society and share a meal with the wider chaplaincy community.


October 5th  |  4pm  |  St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

We'll be hosting our first InterFaith Gathering of the year on October 5th where we share tea, scones and what our faiths have taught us about prayer. These events are one of the most beautiful things that happen on campus as we learn about each other and from each other's traditions and backgrounds.

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October 3rd - 5th

From October 3rd-5th, Fr. Leon, Fr. Eamonn and Scott ran a Chaplaincy Roadshow in Ag. Science, Engineering, Health Sciences and Arts where they met with students and staff and let people know about the Chaplaincy's 'InterFaith Gatherings' and 'Food For Body, Food For Soul' events as well as the pastoral services they provide.


September 26th  |  6pm  |  St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

Semester 1 is in full swing and we're back doing Food For Body | Food For Soul! Come and join us at 6 in St. Stephen's for a short service and a meal with other students from around campus!

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September 21st  |  UCD Student Centre

As part of Fresher's Week, join the Chaplaincy Team for free tea and coffee in the Student Centre where we'll be hanging out with students and letting you know about the exciting events that we have coming up this semester!

Join us during Orientation Week to meet UCD's Chaplains and find out more about the chaplaincy. Leon Ó Giolláin, Eamonn P Bourke and Scott Evans will be there with students from all over the university (and the world) to share about ways in which you can be supported and get involved!

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April 1st-30th

Pope Francis wants to know the views of young Catholics. If you have 5 minutes and you're aged between 16 and 29, we would love for you to share your perspectives as part of this initiative.

Click here to fill out the survey.

April 6th  |  6pm  |  St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

Join us for a short service and a meal together as we explore Jesus' words after raising Lazarus from the dead: 'I am the resurrection and the life.'

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29th & 30th March  |  10am - 4pm  |  The Quad

Join us at the Paradoxology Tent (from Electric Picnic) at Mind•Body•Soul in the Quad behind the Student Centre! We'll have free tea, coffee and cookies as well as spirituality installations and conversations starters for those who want to talk about life, love, faith and meaning (42).

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3 April 2017  |  1pm  |  Science Centre East

UCD Chaplain and Internet aficionado, Scott Evans, will be speaking about the incredible opportunities, the cultural shifts and the subtle dangers of the digital age. While conversations about the Internet can describe it as everything from the saviour of humanity to the end of civilisation, Scott will be walking us through the new normal and how to maintain our mental and emotional health in this new space. All are welcome - refreshments will be provided.

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8 March 2017  |  7pm  |  J308, Newman Building

Lucia Mariani and Andrew Larkin will play Mozart's sonata for violin and piano, opus K304. An insightful and spiritual interpretation of this piece, by Luigi Giussani (Founder of Communion and Liberation)  will be read by Maria Martin by way of introduction. 'Pasta fredda' will be served afterwards at St. Stephen's chaplaincy. All are welcome. 

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9 March 2017  |  4-6pm  |  St. Stephen's Church

Join students from different faiths, backgrounds and denominations as we discuss what our faith traditions have taught us about the meaning of life and how we find it. As always, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and regard, we share what wisdom and understanding we have from our various faith (and non-faith) perspectives on this crucial topic: What's it all about? What meaning do we ascribe to our human existence All are welcome! Teas and scones part of the programme! 

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Starting 2 March 2017  |  2-3pm  |  St. Stephen's Church

Join chaplains and other students to watch 'Nua', an 8 part film series about Christianity, over 8 weeks. A great way to make friends, find community, discuss faith and fill your belly with tea, coffee and biscuits.

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1 March 2017  |  12pm, 1.05pm, 5.30pm  |  Belfield Church

The 1.05pm Mass will be presided by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, with music by the UCD Choral Scholars.

Ashes will be distributed at all Masses

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28 February 2017  |  7:30pm  |  St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

Join UCO and the Chaplaincy Team for a night of pancakes and Lenten preparation with a talk from Gillian Kingston.

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28 February 2017  |  10am - 4pm  |  Old Student Centre

Join students from various denominations as we serve free tea and coffee in the Old Student Centre and invite people to join us at our Lenten events!

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9 February 2017  |  4pm  |  Astra Hall

Join us for a conversation about science and the Christian faith with Professor William O'Connor from UL and Dr. Peter Taylor from DCU.

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8 February 2017  |  5:15pm  |  Astra Hall

Join us for a conversation about the arts and the Christian faith with sculptor Dony McManus, musician Roger Berkeley and friends from Elation Ministries.

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8 February 2017  |  4pm  |  Astra Hall

Join us for a conversation about sport and the Christian faith with Dublin GAA star Ger Brennan and competitive weight lifter Seán Ó Rónáin.

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7 February 2017  |  5:15pm  |  Astra Hall

Join us for a conversation about mental health and the Christian faith with clinical psychologist Marie Murray and psychotherapist Ferg Breen.

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7 February 2017  |  4pm  |  Astra Hall

Join us for a panel on justice and the Christian faith with special guests, Fr. Peter McVerry and Dr. James Gallen from DCU.

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1 February 2017  |  6pm  |  St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

Many Christians have inherited the historic divisions between the Christian churches, without fully understanding them. Gillian and Leon will together offer a brief overview of the origins of these divisions and recent attempts to heal them. There will be time for questions and comments from the floor. All are welcome.

22 January 2017  |  Mass at 9pm  |  St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

Student Mass at St. Stephen's recommences this coming Sunday, 9pm. All welcome.

Music provided by students of Notre Dame University. 

Nice way to ease your way back into semester 2b!

Join with Christians from different denominations for prayer, fellowship and refreshments.

24 January 2017  |  6pm  |  St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

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Join other conversation PHD Students for conversation and support.

16 January 2017  |  1-2pm  |  St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

It is time to make those New Years resolutions! Not the gym, eat healthier type, the PhD resolutions! Colleen Doyle will leading a mini-workshop to jump start those PhD goals for 2017 on Monday at 1pm. Bring your lunch and there will be tea and goodies.

Contact Colleen Doyle ( or Niamh Nestor ( for more information.

‌Feast of the Epiphany

6 January 2017  |  Mass at 1‌.05pm  |  UCD Belfield Church


Stressed by exams?

Need to chill out, relax, chat over a cuppa...?

Why not drop in to St. Stephen's chaplaincy, 10.30am - 12noon, Monday to Friday during the exam period? 

November 24th | 4pm - 5:30pm | St. Stephen’s Chaplaincy

The origin of Thanksgiving Day is disputed, but many agree that this harvest festival goes back to the 16th century when migrants, after long and hazardous journeys, thanked God for bringing them safely to 'the promised land'. Thanksgiving Day, therefore, suggests the theme of movement and of migration and God's Providential care along the way.

We take a moment of reflection, then, at this Interfaith gathering, to consider how we experience God's guiding hand in our own lives, in its joys and sufferings, its hopes and disappointments.

November 3rd | 4pm - 5:30pm | St. Stephen's Chaplaincy

Human suffering is the great enigma, especially for those who believe in a Creator who is all good and all loving. How do we make sense of human suffering? What does our faith - whatever our faith is - say about this?

As always at these interfaith gatherings, we will approach the issue of human suffering in a spirit of open and generous sharing of the wisdom of our respective traditions. It is not about debating or arguing but rather about listening respectively to each one's perspective and offering our own as a gift to the other.

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