Partner with us

Using a multidisciplinary, systems biology approach, our research team are working to uncover key drivers of skin disease and ageing. This approach is leading to exciting new innovations for management of skin ageing and treatment of serious skin disease.

The UCD Charles Institute actively partners with companies serving, the skin health and care market. Depending on specific requirements, companies can partner with us to deliver on specific research and innovation objectives:

  • Human Skin Biomarker Discovery
    Utilise advanced genomic, proteomic, imaging and flow cytometry core technology expertise and equipment to identify novel skin pathology and ageing biomarkers.

  • High-througput Drug Screening Assays
    Utilise our cell, tissue and animal models to screen novel compounds. Work with us to develop pre-clinical data for IND filings.

  • Conduct Clinical Trials
    Maximise translational research opportunities with access to human studies through the Charles clinic in cooperation with clinician scientists in the teaching hospitals associated with the UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science

There are a range of supports available to companies interested in collaborating with the institute. Our commercial team can work closely with you to identify efficient and cost-effective instruments to help you meet your innovation objectives.