August 2014

Research appointments: PhD positions

Thu, 21 August 14 09:57

Three PhD positions are available at the UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology and UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science in the 'Skin Research and Wound Healing' group led by Dr Wenxin Wang, principal investigator and senior lecturer. The three projects are:

• 'Wound healing and tissue repair for genodermatosis'
This project requires knowledge in relevant areas such as molecular biology, dermatology and regenerative medicine. A strong biological and molecular biology background is desired. Experience in genetics and general human tissue culture is preferable. The PhD will involve in vivo work possibly based abroad.

• 'Development and application of polymer based biomaterials'
Expertise in the areas of organic chemistry, polymer synthesis, gene/drug delivery or bio-imaging is required. A strong organic/polymer chemistry synthesis and characterisation background is desired. Experience in general cell culture is preferable.

• 'Injectable hydrogel for stem cell niche in chronic wound healing applications'
This project aims to develop a mimic cellular scaffold mixing the synthetic polymer with ECM materials and adipose-derived stem cells. The PhD student will develop injectable hydrogel materials for stem cell delivery. Multi-disciplinary approaches will be employed in this project, such as polymer synthesis, hydrogel mechanical properties assessments, stem cell culture, differentiation and morphological studies, growth factor and cytokine regulation assessment.

The projects are funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), providing tuition fees and a stipend of 16,000 Euro per annum for a period of 4 years.

Applicants should have a high calibre Masters degree (or equivalent qualification) in a relevant area to undertake the organic chemistry/ polymer synthesis, gene delivery, bio-imaging or stem cell biology projects. Strong cell biomaterial, proteomics, molecular biology and human genetics or/and biological background is desired. We look for highly motivated applicants with excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills with enthusiasm for self-motivated learning and exposure to a diversity of scientific projects. The PhD will involve close interactions with tissue engineering and biomedical collaborators.

More information on biomaterial and tissue engineering related research activities in Dr Wang’s group can be found at

Please send a cover letter, your full C.V. with the names of three referees and a research statement indicating your interest in any of these PhD positions to Dr. Udo Greiser ( 

Dr. Wenxin Wang
Senior Lecturer, Skin Research and Wound Healing Group
Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Principal Investigator
School of Medicine and Medical Science
University College Dublin 
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

Dr. Udo Greiser
Research Scientist, Skin Research and Wound Healing Group
School of Medicine and Medical Science
University College Dublin 
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
Telephone number: +353 (0)1 7166344

UCD Charles Institute is an equal opportunities employer.