May 2014

New nerve protein target to treat chronic itch

Thu, 22 May 14 13:45

Chronic itch or pruritus is the most common symptom in dermatology yet less than 50% of patients will respond to treatment. Much like chronic pain, pruritus is detrimental to patient well-being. New research led by Professor Martin Steinhoff has identified a potential target to treat itch in patients who do not respond to anti-histamine drugs.

SFI funding award to develop artificial skin

Thu, 15 May 14 11:18

Dr Wenxin Wang will develop artificial skin to promote wound healing in patients through new funding received under the SFI Investigator programme. 

Ground-breaking process for gene therapy

Fri, 2 May 14 17:00

Dr Wenxin Wang and his team publish details of a ground-breaking synthesis process for polymers that will allow new compounds for gene therapy applications to be easily made.