May 2014

SFI funding award to develop artificial skin

Thu, 15 May 14 11:18

Ministers Richard Bruton and Sean Sherlock recently announced details of a €47 million investment for scientific research in key priority areas for Ireland under the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Investigators programme. 

Dr Wenxin Wang from UCD Charles Institute and School of Medicine & Medical Science will lead one of thirty-six projects awarded funding under this scheme. His research project aims to develop an artificial skin that could promote wound healing. 

Diabetic wounds or those seen in patients with the fragile skin condition, epidermolysis bullosa or EB, cause much suffering. This project will focus on developing a skin substitute to mimic human skin that could be used to seal a wound, provide protection and accelerate healing. 

“This novel artificial skin will contain polymers that hold it together, providing enough strength to seal the wound, but also delivering therapeutic genes and living cells to provide the biomolecules needed to accelerate the wound healing, “ said Dr Wenxin Wang.

“This artificial skin could easily be integrated into the wound care practices to treat patients”, he added.

About SFI Investigators Programme
The SFI Investigators Programme supports excellent scientific research that has the potential to impact Ireland’s economic and societal development. Thirty-six projects have been selected by competitive peer review by 400 international scientists, focusing on excellent research with potential impact.

The Programme will provide funding over a three to five year period, for these 36 research projects involving over 200 researchers. Funding for each project will range from €400,000 to €3.1 million.

The successfully funded projects have links to 62 companies, and include research in areas such as sustainable food production, enhancing communications networks to enable high quality internet video, developing innovative wave energy devices, biopharmaceutical production, cancer detection and investigating the control of epilepsy development.

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