November 2013

New Information Guide to Rosacea

Mon, 25 November 13 13:51

Rosacea is a common skin disorder that causes redness of the skin. While it is found in patients from all parts of the world, it is most frequently seen in people who have fair, sun-sensitive skin and especially those of Celtic origin.

Rosacea commonly causes people to blush very easily particularly with changes in temperature or after taking hot drinks or alcoholic beverages. The abuse of alcohol is sometimes mistakenly attributed as the cause of rosacea. This misconception causes additional social issues for patients already afflicted with a noticeable skin condition.

Author and UCD Professor of Dermatology, Professor Frank Powell said, “There was a dual purpose in writing this information booklet. I not only wanted to provide rosacea sufferers and their families with a resource that might help them to understand this condition but also to get the message across to the wider community that the social stigmatisation of rosacea sufferers is unfounded.

The reason for naming it as I did is that it truly is a ‘Curse of the Celts’; it occurs mainly in people of Celtic origin who suffer social stigmatisation given the unfounded link to excessive alcohol intake”.        

The handbook was developed with the support of the Health Research Board through their Knowledge Exchange & Dissemination funding award.