November 2014

Providing dermatological insight

Fri, 28 November 14 13:01

Professor Martin Steinhoff has 20 years’ experience in the field of dermatology. In a recent article in International Innovation, he describes his expertise, research objectives and the truly translational nature of the work he and his team are doing on skin disease.

Prof Steinhoff is investigating how these systems cocommunicate to maintain skin homeostasis and wellbeing, as well as how and when deregulation of this interaction can cause sustained inflammation or chronic disease. A truly translational researcher, Steinhoff applies his findings to a number of clinical problems, including atopic dermatitis and itch, rosacea, acne, psoriasis and skin cancer.

In recent years, a raft of research has come together to identify a network between sensory nerves, the neuroendocrine axis and the immune system. Sensory nerves interact with hormones and immune factors to influence vital functions in the body, including inflammation, itch, tumour development, skin ageing and wound healing.

International Innovation: paperfold
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International Innovation (Nov2014): Dermatological Insight