Associate Charles Fellows

The following individuals are undertaking collaborative research projects in dermatology with UCD Charles Institute Fellows. 

Professor Cormac Taylor, UCD

Professor Cormac TaylorCormac Taylor currently holds an appointment as Professor of Cellular Physiology at the School of Medicine and the Conway Institute, University College Dublin.

In 2001, Cormac returned to Ireland after a 5-year postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, a move supported by a Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellowship. Since then, his lab has been funded by consecutive Science Foundation Ireland Principal Investigator awards with additional support from the Health Research Board of Ireland, the Irish Research Council and industrial partners. Cormac was recently lead-organiser of a 2015 Keystone symposium held in Dublin entitled Hypoxia: from basic mechanisms to therapeutics.

Current research in the Taylor Lab is directed towards expanding our understanding of the physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms by which changes in micro-environmental oxygen and carbon dioxide levels regulate gene transcription in eukaryotic cells. A key focus of this work is the identification of new therapeutic targets in inflammatory disease. Cormac was recently elected as a member of the Royal Irish Academy, Ireland's highest academic honour. He was also recently awarded the 2014 Nature mid-career mentorship award.