Dr. Christina Kiel

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Principal Investigator, UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology

Systems Biology Ireland (SBI), UCD School of Medicine


Research Expertise

Quantitative and Systems Analysis of (Patho)Physiological Signaling Networks

Network-centric approaches to drug development and cancer treatment have become essential in recent years. However, the function and biological output of signal transduction networks (STN) is context-dependent. My group will study how STN relevant in colon cancer are context- and tissues-specific quantitatively modulated in (patho)physiologically-relevant primary cells and organoids. We will study how STN control cellular phenotypes by investigating how they generate cell type-specific vs. -general functions, and how cancer mutations affect these interactions and outputs. Using protein engineering, we will generate mutations that rewire cancer-relevant STN in a designed fashion. This approach may provide better mechanism-driven diagnostics and treatments.

Key words

Melanoma| 3D tissue models | protein engineering | CRISPR-Cas9 | network rewiring | core signaling pathways