Research Technologies

At UCD Charles Institute, we utilise a number of technologies specific to our dermatology research activities. 

Morphology/ Imaging

The morphology core facility is equipped with all essential equipment for tissue processing including tissue processor, embedding station, cryostat, microtome, and fume hood. Samples produced through these facilities and an in vivo laboratory are analysed in the associated imaging laboratory. To facilitate simultaneous fluorescent and brightfield microscopy, the room is divided into four enclosed cubicles. Microscopes purchased to date include a Leica DM2500 upright microscope and an Olympus IX83 for high-resolution fluorescent live-cell imaging, with further instruments to be added.

Polymer Synthesis

Polymers can form useful platforms for delivering drugs and other therapeutic agents in the body. Dr Wenxin Wang's team are developing new ways to make and confer function to polymers with precise control over the sizes of those polymers and how they are distributed in the ultimate material.  

In Vitro Models

Dr Wenxin Wang and his team have developed a number of in vitro models that underpin their research programme.