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School of Chemistry Seminars

Wednesday 11th April, 4pm, S1.67: Prof Pierre Karam of the American University of Beirut, "Developing a Fluorescent Based Nanothermometer Using Conjugated Polyelectrolytes"

Wednesday 18th April, 1pm, S1.67 Science South: Prof Isabel Rozas, Trinity College Dublin, “DNA and beyond: a guanidine adventure” 

Friday 20th April, 1pm, S3.56 Science South: Dr Max Garcia Melchor, Trinity College Dublin, “Understanding and Designing Novel Catalytic Systems for Energy Applications"

UCD Chemistry Research Day 2018 Thursday 26th April, 10am to 6pm



School of Chemistry Seminars

4th May, Dr. Andrew Lawrence (University of Edinburgh), RSC Hickinbottom Award Lecture, Biomimetic Natural Product Synthesis

9th May, Prof. Bing Yan (Shandong University), Aiming at Systematic Exploration of Nano-Bio Interactions

10th May, Dr. Bryce Feltis, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), The Almost (but not Really) Complete Journey of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles