Successful bid to host the 2026 ICCC in Dublin

The Inorganic Chemistry community in Ireland has been successful in their bid to host the biennial International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC) in Dublin in 2026. This conference is one of the longest standing and most prestigious on the international Chemistry circuit.

Strongly supported by local, national and international partner organisations, the arrival of the ICCC to Dublin in 2026 will see upwards of 1,000 delegates attending events hosted in the Dublin Convention Centre and Trinity College Dublin.

The all-Ireland, community-spirited bid was led by Professors Sylvia Draper (Trinity College Dublin), Andrea Erxleben (National University of Ireland, Galway), Grace Morgan (University College Dublin) and Stuart James (Queen’s University Belfast), in partnership with conference organisers Keynote PCO. 

Talking about what this means for Inorganic Chemistry research in Ireland, the Chair of the Organising Committee, Sylvia Draper said ‘This bid is testament to the cooperation and resilience of the Irish Chemical Research Community. It is a community that weathers political upheaval, crosses international boundaries and is driven by genuine chemical curiosity. The success of this bid will raise the profile of Coordination Chemistry in the minds of the public and national funding bodies, and demonstrate in a very real way, how 3rd level institutions are creatively building this country’s global network in a post-BREXIT economy.’

Grace Morgan ICCC bid

The ICCC 2026 Organising Committee of (from left) Professors Sylvia Draper (Trinity College Dublin), Grace Morgan (University College Dublin), Stuart James (Queen’s University Belfast) and Andrea Erxleben (National University of Ireland, Galway).