UCD Chemistry academics awarded research funding

Congratulations to the following UCD Chemistry academics who were recently awarded Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme Grants:

Professor Declan Gilheany & PhD student Sadbh Byrne who will be working on a project entitled "Use of Asymmetric Grignard Synthesis for Tertiary Alcohols of Pharmaceutical Interest: Design, Selectivity & some Pharmaceutical Applications".

Associate Professor Grace Morgan with PhD student Conor Kelly (and recent UCD graduate) who will be working on a project entitled "Manganese-Enhanced MRI (MEMRI) PARACEST and Thermally Responsive Contrast Agents".

Associate Professor James Sullivan with PhD student (and recent UCD graduate) Kristy Stanley who will be working on a project entitled "CO2 reforming of CH4 over novel Ni-based catalysts – the influence of preparation and plasma promotion".

Assistant Prof. Marina Rubini with PhD student Kirti Sharma who will be working on a project entitled "Towards understanding of post-translational modifications: rational engineering of therapeutic cytokines by means of non-natural amino acids".‌‌‌

Curam_logo_150Assistant Prof. Susan Kelleher who was awarded funding for a 4-year PhD student from the SFI Research Centre, CÚRAM. Niamh Geoghegan (a recent graduate of our school) has taken up the position. She will be studying the mechanical properties and degradation profiles of nanostructured polymeric materials and their use as medical device coatings.