UCD School of Chemistry Seminar Series 2018/19

Seminars take place on Wednesdays in S3.56, unless otherwise indicated.

*Pre-seminar coffee and tea will be served 15 minutes before the seminar behind the glass wall on the third floor (A3)*

Friday 28th September

10:30-11:00 E2.14

Two Decades of Commercializing Nanotechnology for Medical Devices: Real Products Helping Real Humans, Thomas J. Webster

UCD Bionanoscience Seminar, Science East, E2.14

Friday 28th September

14:00 S3.56

Carbon-Based Multi-Modal Neural Interfaces for Simultaneous Long-Term Electrical Stimulation and High-Resolution Neurotransmitter Detection

Sam Kassegne, PhD, PE Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Fri 12th October

15:00 H1.51

Beyond 3-D: Recapitulating Nature for Optimal Bioproduction

Speaker: John Cadwell, CEO of FiberCell Systems Inc.

Mon 15th October

15:00 H2.21

Bio-convergence Spintronic Devices

Professor CheolGi Kim - Department of Emerging Materials Science, DGIST, South Korea

Mon 15th October

16:00 S1.67

Catalytic (de) hydrogenation reactions with Fe(ll) and Mn(l) pincer complexes

Prof Karl Kirchner - TU Vienna

Fri 9th November

15:00 H1.51

Luminescent Metal Complexes: From Molecular to Nanoparticle Probes for Detection and Imaging 

Prof Zoe Pikramenou (Univ. of Birmingham)  

Wed 14th November

16:00 S3.56

Synthetic Mimics of Secondary and Tertiary Structure 

Dr Pete Knipe (Queens University Belfast) 



Title TBC   

Prof Polly Arnold (University of Edinburgh) 

Monday 3rd December

Coordination Chemistry Mini-symposium 

Wed 3rd December

17:00 TBC


UCD Chemistry Society Christmas Lecture tbc

Fri 7th December 

All Day - RCSI

CSCB Annual Symposium:

Prof Helma Wennemers (ETH)

Prof Jonathan Nitschke (Cambridge Univ.)

Prof Ed Tate (Imperial College London)

Prof Kevin Booker-Milburn (Univ. of Bristol)

Prof Chris Braddock (Imperial College London)

Wed 31th January

1.00 pm


Thurs 8th February

3.00 pm

129 SCN


Fri 16th February



Thurs 22nd February

H2.22, 4.00pm


Fri 2nd March

2.00 pm – S1.67


Mon 5th March

3.00 pm


Mon 5th March

Tbc – 4.00pm


Thurs 15th March

4.00 pm


Thurs 22nd March

2pm - tentatively



Wed 28th March

S3.56, 4.00 pm


Wed 4th April,


Wed 11th April

1.00 pm


Wed 18th April

1.00 pm


Fri 20th April

1.00 pm



Thur 26th April

10am - 6pm

Chemistry Research Day and Chemistry Society Inaugural Lecture



Wed 2nd May

3.00 pm


Fri 4th May

2.00 pm


Wed 9th May


Thurs 10th May




Tues 28th May

9 - 5pm

Dublin Chemistry, 3rd Year Talks Day, UCD

Fri 1st June

3.00 pm