APC Tour by ChemSoc

In early December of 2017, David Mulrooney (President of ChemSoc 2017/18) met with Charlie Dolan from APC, who agreed to host a visit from a group of students from UCD to the new APC facility in Cherrywood. On the 26th of March, after initially having to cancel the trip because of the now infamous “Beast from the East”, the trip went ahead. The event was co-organised by both ChemSoc and the School of Chemistry with approximately forty undergraduate and postgraduate students attending. 

The trip was broken up into three parts. Firstly, the students were brought into a lecture theatre where presentations were given by CEO and co-founder Dr. Mark Barrett, Charlie Dolan, the HR manager and Niamh McKeever, a graduate of UCD and current employee of ACP (read Niamh's internship blog). These talks provided us with an valuable insight into the work undertaken at APC. The second part of the trip involved a tour of the different labs at the facility. The differences between the approaches to academic and industrial chemistry were made clear, with Optimax® reactors and clean rooms on display. Finally, the trip concluded with some refreshments and pizza.

APC announced that they would be offering internships to third year undergraduate students for the summer. The visit gave students a unique opportunity to see a cutting edge industrial chemical company and was a resounding success.

Dr. Mark Barrett, CEO APC Ltd.


Niamh McKeever with Charlie Doran, APC Ltd.


UCD Chemistry students