MSc Nanomaterials Chemistry

MSc Nanomaterials Chem Abstractx750.jpgScience and Engineering graduates interested to learn about the continuously changing and dynamic field of nanomaterials are encouraged to apply to this programme, where a key focus will be on the chemistry of the nanoscale and design of novel responsive materials. The course has a strong emphasis on both the development of technical skills in the areas of nanofabrication/materials chemistry and the development of professional skills.

• As the nanotechnology sector continues its rapid change and growth, the sustained demand for trainees in nanomaterials is increasing. Our goal is to equip you with the theoretical background and experimental training necessary to understand and harness the potential of nanomaterials in innovative industries with a view to future employment in these sectors.

• The UCD School of Chemistry is strongly positioned in hosting world-class researchers and teachers supported by state-of-the-art nano. These are available to you during the programme and consist of advanced technology platforms that permit the preparation, processing and characterisation of diverse classes of nanomaterials.

• Our MSc programme will offer you a choice of multidisciplinary projects where you will be able to design and perform research with close links to Physics, Biology and Engineering sciences. The quality and diversity of our interdisciplinary research environment will enrich your learning experience of nanomaterial chemistry and will empower you to develop the competitive skillset necessary to establish a successful career. Opportunities to conduct a research project through internship are also available.

• Our friendly staff will be there to help you! We have introduced a new individual mentoring programme, where we will guide you through your study and research. One-on-one mentoring will facilitate your learning and research experience in UCD and help you gain strong professional development skills for a smooth transition to the workplace.

One significant feature of this programme is that it is delivered in association with Intel Ireland, who currently fund four scholarships worth €3,000 each. Each student is also linked with an Intel employee mentor to provide them with guidance and advice on career development. All applicants to our MSc programme are welcome to apply for this scholarship through the School of Chemistry (you must apply by 31st of July 2019). The 2018 recipients of the MSc Nanomaterials Chemistry scholarship award were Katie McGarry and Edward Gannon, both UCD Chemistry graduates. 

During the programme there will be other opportunities to pursue scholarships in excellence or travel, such as those offered by Royal Society of Chemistry or NUI .

Examples of journal publications by our researchers:


Careers & Employability

Our MSc in Nanomaterials Chemistry provides a basis for graduates to enter the chemical, pharmaceutical, biopharma, advanced manufacturing and materials industries, including the burgeoning 3D printing and medical device sectors. Analytical services, environmental protection and primary/secondary school teaching present other possibilities.

A key feature of our MSc is the Professional Development Module. Students receive a hands-on guide to targeting your CV, interpreting job opportunities and preparing for interview. This course is also a route for students interested in a PhD programme. Our excellent careers service in conjunction with UCD Careers will offer additional workshops and one-to-one sessions to help you achieve your dreams!

Student Testimonials 

Katie McGarry: 

Katie McGarryx150.jpg

I have really enjoyed this Masters programme as I have been able to thoroughly explore the area of nanomaterials chemistry by not only carrying out a research project and studying chemistry modules related to this area but also studying physics and engineering modules too. This Masters programme has really prepared me to work in industry or to do a PhD. As part of this Masters programme I was lucky enough to be a recipient of the UCD-Intel Masters Student Scholarship which has given me the opportunity to create many important contacts in industry.   


Edward Gannon: Edward_Gannon_150

The new and exciting progress in our understanding of nanotechnology in the last decades has opened the floodgates to the development of multiple novel techniques across a plethora of different fields. The completion of this Nanomaterials Chemistry MSc programme has proven invaluable in developing me towards contributing towards current and future research in the field of nanochemistry.



Qiwei Wang: Qiwei Wangx150.jpg

Nanomaterials Chemistry reaches a perfect balance between the engineering and nanoscience modules, it certainly fulfills the desire of learning advanced nanomaterial techniques and offers great professional opportunities in extensive research fields.  


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