PhD in Chemistry

About Chemistry in Our School
We have an excellent record of placement of our graduates in, for example, the pharmaceutical and materials science industries, in academic positions and in government laboratories and agencies, both in Ireland and abroad.

About Our School and Our PhD Degree Program
The School offers several programs of activities designed to enhance personal and professional skills.  PhD students are expected to attend lectures by visiting speakers and undertake a program of lectures in advanced topics.  The largest of these programs, called Dublin Chemistry is offered jointly with the Department of Chemistry in Trinity College Dublin.  All of our PhD students are also expected to spend some time assisting in undergraduate laboratories or teaching undergraduates in tutorials.  As well as providing some extra income, these duties provide stimulating teaching experience and contact with our BSc students. Many of our students also spend a short period doing research in a university or industrial laboratory abroad.  Please see our Useful Information Page.

How to Apply to our Graduate Research Programmes in Chemistry

We welcome applications from suitably qualified graduates with a minimum of 2:1H award of BSc (Hons) degrees in Chemistry, or equivalent. 

Familiarise yourself with the wide range of research interests of our academic staff.  Feel free to contact any of the staff members to find out more about their research.  I think you will find that they share my enthusiasm for our School and for the quality of our research programme and teaching.  Once a match with a member of academic staff has been identified, our School administrative staff, can provide more general information about admissions procedures.  They can be contacted at

General information about postgraduate studies at UCD can also be found on the UCD Graduate Studieswebsite 

 Below you will find information and a list of links providing information that you will find extremely helpful during your time in UCD.

If you download and complete forms from this webpage, please drop them in to the School Office for processing.  A copy of all forms must be kept on your file.

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Graduate Applications are made directly through the Supervisor.  Please see the academic staff members to assess which area of research most closely matches your field of study.  

There are 3 start dates in the academic year when you can begin your postgraduate studies in the school:

  • September
  • January
  • May

Please see further details for Graduate Research Programmes.

Graduate Research Fees

Fees can be found under Health Sciences, Engineering & Arch, Ag. Food Sci & Vet Med, Science, (bottom of the page)

  • Fees can be paid in either 1, 2 or 3 installments
  • If your fees are being paid by the Supervisor, please ask your Supervisor to complete an Internal Transfer Fee Transfer Payment through SISweb.

On-line Scholarship set up details can be found at Research Finance Office page

Safety Declaration Form

  • You must read our Laboratory Operations Manual and the Standard Operating Procedures document via the link above
  • You must complete the above form and submit it to the school office before you can begin working in the lab
  • These documents can also be found on the Health and Safety link on the left hand side of this page

Student Registration

  • You should read through the Graduate Registration Guide available at the link above
  • You need to logon to your SIS web account, each and every year to register, once your fees have been processed
  • When you register each year, this will be known as "start date" for fees purposes (also see Thesis Submission Dates (Fees), below)
  • All graduate modules within the school will be under levels 4 and 5
  • Other UCD modules may or may not be available to you depending on your graduate degree programme
  • Module Registration Form 2015-16
  • You must complete the Module Registration to register to available modules in your programme

Thesis Submission Dates (Fees)

  • The above link notes start dates, please be aware, your start date will be the last time you registered, i.e.  September start students last registered in September 2014,
  • If you have been granted an extension and you are unsure of the date of submission, please contact the School Office

Assessment (Information for Staff)

  • Grade Processing and Assessment Supports
  • Logistics Supports

Graduate Studies Office

  • Student Support
  • Student Life
  • Transferable Skills
  • Accommodation