Summer Research/Internship Placement


At the heart of UCD’s research strategy is the ambition to address the challenges that will shape Ireland’s future and its role in the world.  We are creating a continuum across science, engineering, humanities, business and the arts through interdisciplinary programmes that are underpinned by fundamental research and scholarship. Our programmes partner with over 250 companies and with voluntary bodies and government, to address national research priorities and to maximize their impact on Ireland’s social and economic development.

The UCD College of Engineering & Architecture is offering Study Abroad Engineering Students the opportunity to extend an academic semester of study to include a research placement or internship during the summer. Whilst placements cannot be guaranteed, a dedicated Study Abroad Officer will work with the student from the outset to secure their summer placement as early as possible.   Spring students can be accommodated in a 4-12 week unpaid placement on the basis that they will spend an academic semester of study at the UCD College of Engineering & Architecture (spring semester applicable only). 

Please visit our website here for information on our research themes and priorities.

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