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The BCIT (Chinese) course has the distinct feature that students are exposed to both the business world and also to the Chinese language and contemporary China studies. This gives graduates of the BCIT (Chinese) a competitive edge in understanding the Chinese business world under global environment.Students of the BCIT (Chinese) course are well-grounded in the theory and practice of business management and related areas and are equipped to understand and comment critically on business issues related to China.


Students on the BCIT (Chinese) programme study a core set of business modules as well as Chinese modules. The business modules, delivered by Lochlann Quinn School of Business, cover quantitative skills such as Economics and Finance, Accounting, Maths and Data Analysis. Students also develop their understanding of the softer skills required in the business world by studying how organisations work, how business works in society and the effects of culture on business practices. These modules are delivered by lecturers who are active in the research and practice of specific business subject areas. Study of business subjects is complemented by the study of Chinese language and contemporary China studies. The language modules are delivered by the Irish Institute for Chinese Studies. The Chinese modules cover different aspects including core set of language course, Chinese culture, contemporary Chinese society, Chinese politics and media, Chinese law, Chinese economy, doing business in China.These modules will help students gain a deep understanding of contemporary China.


An excellent business education coupled with the international experiences and language capabilities of a BCIT (Chinese) student is a good mix for employment prospects. In your final year you will chose business modules from the area of your choice and this will have a major bearing on your career path. A number of our graduates return to China to further their career or education. Other graduates gain employment with multinationals or Irish organisations with international operations, especially with China.


Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop language skills and enhance their understanding of the international business environment. It improves employment opportunities and is a great way to meet new friends and experience different cultures and language. In third year you will spend a year in China studying at our partner universities. This is an excellent opportunity for you to immerse yourself in Chinese language and culture. You can deepen your understanding of Chinese business culture under international environment and enhancelanguage skills that are valued by employers. You can return to UCD for your final year after what we hope is a great personal experience. We find that students are more independent and self-confident and have developed a great set of cross-cultural communication skills.



  • Scholarship for International Summer School at Renmin University of China

    Renmin University of China, as a comprehensive research oriented university with its strength in social sciences and humanities, can serve as a window for a better understanding of China and Chinese people now and past. The Summer School, a new initiative of the university, provides opportunities for students worldwide to work together for new experience, knowledge and insights. The ISS program, offered to BCIT students who have finished the First Year study, does not focus only on the Chinese language, but on all aspects of Chinese life and culture. As a student in this emersion program, you will have opportunities to take part in well-organised projects, offer input in the management of the program, and interact with regular Renmin University students who can share their perspectives on life and living in China. You can apply for one-month scholarship to study in the International Summer School at RenminUniversity of China. The scholarship will cover registration fees, tuition, fees for basic learning materials, and accommodation fees on campus.

  • Scholarship for Third Year in China

    Your third year of study in China composes of one semester of business study and one semester of Chinese language study. For your Chinese language study, you can apply for "Confucius Institute Scholarship", sponsored by the Confucius Institute Headquarters. Outstanding applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will be exempt from registration fees, tuition, fees for basic learning materials, accommodation fees on campus, and are provided with a one-off resettlement subsidy, monthly living allowance, outpatient medical service and comprehensive insurance for foreign students studying in China. For detailed and updated information please visit the Confucius Institute Scholarship webpage:

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