CEMS Chinese Language, Business and Culture (SBUS41190)


School/Institute: Irish Institute for Chinese Studies at UCD; UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School
Level: Postgraduate
Credits: 10
Pass Mark: 40
Semester: I & II

Programme Overview

CEMS is a global alliance of leading business schools, multinational companies and NGOs that together offer the CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM). The CEMS MIM is a pre-experience postgraduate degree open to high-calibre, internationally minded, multilingual students enrolled in a Master's in Management program at one of the CEMS member schools. For more information about the CEMS alliance and partners, please visit www.cems.org

The module Chinese Language, Business and Culture (SBUS41190) is an optional course designed to provide CEMS students with a valuable opportunity of learning Chinese language in relation to business as well as a general introduction of Chinese business culture. It will help students develop the understanding of Chinese business landscapes and particular challenges faced in operating in the country.


Given China's rising importance in global political and economic affairs, doing business in China and with Chinese people has attracted considerable academic and media attention. This postgraduate module aims to enable students to develop an understanding of Chinese culture and some basic skills in the Chinese language. Students will be introduced to Chinese culture, Confucianism, intercultural challenges, guanxi, negotiation strategy in Chinese business settings, as well as how to succeed in a contemporary Chinese business environment. They will also learn to understand spoken Chinese, and how to speak and type in the Chinese language, sufficiently to enable them to conduct business at an introductory level and dealing with some daily situation such as shopping and dining in China.

Session Format

This course will be delivered in the format of lectures, in-class discussions, exercises, workshops and guest presentations. In order to stimulate an interactive learning culture and language, students are strongly encouraged to participate in all the class activities and to undertake self-learning initiatives including out-of-class readings and reflective thinking.


Through the CEMS alumni network, students will have an opportunity to develop valuable business contacts in many different business sectors and locations. The network of corporate partners, combined with strong management learning means that CEMS graduates are sought after by leading corporations around the world. The knowledge of Chinese business environment and culture as well as some basic language skills give CEMS graduates more advantage in job market.

How to Apply

To apply for the programme, please visit