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Memristor Toolbox

Raymond Carley and Adrian Walsh created this software package as part of an undergraduate final year project, 2012/2013. A paper on the project is to be presented at the 2013 European Conference of Circuit Theory and Design.

Memristor Circuit Investigation through a new Tutorial Toolbox, A. Walsh, R. Carley, O. Feely, A. Ascoli, in Proc. European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, Dresden, September 2013.

This package includes the basic theory, with a number of interactive elements. Then using Simulink, a number of applications of the memristor are displayed, and can be altered by the user. Finally this package allows for the creation of new models of memristors and new circuits. 

Memristor toolbox Screenshot

In order to use this software, both Matlab and Simulink (including Simscape) must be installed. Download the .zip file, extract the contents, and add the folder (including subfolders) to Matlab’s path (File>set path). Then simply enter the command “MemristorToolbox”.

How to use the Memristor Toolbox (please read this file first)

Download the Memristor Toolbox for Matlab 2011

Download the Memristor Toolbox for Matlab 2012a

The Memristor Toolbox for Matlab 2013 will be available soon