Engineering Aptitude


There are many myths about what kind of person makes a good Civil Engineer. Lots of people think that Engineers fix things with their hands - nothing could be further from the truth. Read on to see if you have what it takes...

Do you enjoy a wide variety of interests and have talents in many fields: maths, science, computers, and writing?

Do you like the challenge of finding solutions to technical problems?

Are you curious about how things work, and about how to things are built?

Do you like handling projects from start to finish: brainstorming, planning, designing, building, operating, and maintenance?

Are you able to program the video recorder?

Would you like your work to benefit society, to provide a better quality of life with minimum impact on the environment?

Would you like to help Third World development, to provide water supplies, roads and bridges to those who don't have them?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions and are good at Maths, you may be a future Civil Engineer who would enjoy the course at UCD.