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A full list of publications can be found in the personal pages of the authors or alternatively, in the Publications record of the School. A number of selected publications available inUCD online repository are included under the headings below:

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Title:  Characterisation of pavement profile heights using accelerometer readings and a combinatorial optimisation technique
Author:  Harris, Niall K.González, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.McGetrick, P.
Date:  Mar-2010
Full citation:  Journal of Sound and Vibration, 329 (5): 497-508


Theoretical investigation of the use of a moving vehicle to identify bridge dynamic parameters
Author:  McGetrick, P.González, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.
Date:  Aug-2009
Full citation:  Insight: Non-Destructive Testing & Condition Monitoring, 51 (8): 433-438
Title:  Assessment of the condition of a beam using a static loading test
Author:  Walsh, Brian J.González, Arturo
Date:  May-2009
Full citation:  Key Engineering Materials, 413-414 : 269-276
Title:  The use of vehicle acceleration measurements to estimate road roughness
Author:  González, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.Li, YingyanCashell, K.
Date:  Jun-2008
Full citation:  Vehicle System Dynamics, 46 (6): 483-499
Title:  Testing of bridge weigh-in-motion system in sub-Arctic climate
Author:  McNulty, PeterO'Brien, Eugene J.
Date:  Nov-2003
Full citation:  Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 31 (6): 1-10
Title:  Critical speed for the dynamics of truck events on bridges with a smooth road surface
Author:  González, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.Cantero, DanielLi, YingyanDowling, JasonZnidaric, Ales
Date:  24-May-2010
Full citation:  Journal of Sound and Vibration, 329 (11): 2127-2146
Title:  Characteristic dynamic traffic load effects in bridges
Author:  O'Brien, Eugene J.Rattigan, ParaicGonzález, ArturoDowling, JasonZnidaric, Ales
Date:  Jul-2009
Full citation:  Engineering Structures, 31 (7): 1607-1612
Title:  The effect of vehicle velocity on the dynamic amplification of two vehicles crossing a simply supported bridge.
Author:  Brady, Sean P.O'Brien, Eugene J.
Date:  Mar-2006
Full citation:  Journal of Bridge Engineering, 11 (2): 250-256
Title:  Procedures for the assessment of highway structures
Author:  O'Brien, Eugene J.Znidaric, AlesBrady, K. C.González, ArturoO'Connor, Alan
Date:  Feb-2005
Full citation:  Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Transport, 158 (1): 17-25
Title:  Truck fleet model for design and assessment of flexible pavements
Author:  Belay, AbrahamO'Brien, Eugene J.Kroese, Dirk P.
Date:  Apr-2008
Full citation:  Journal of Sound and Vibration, 311 (3-5): 1161-1174
Title:  The influence of recycled asphalt pavement on the fatigue performance of asphalt concrete base courses
Author:  Tabakovic, AmirGibney, AmandaMcNally, CiaranGilchrist, M. D.
Date:  Jun-2010
Full citation:  Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 22 (6): 643-650
Title:  Mobility in rural Ireland: A study of older people and the Challenges they face
Author:  Ahern, A and Hine, J.
Date:  2016
Full citation:  In: Divall, C; Hine, J.; and Pooley, C. Transport Policy: Learning Lessons from History, Ashgate, Surrey, UK.
Title:  Travel, transport and energy implications of university-related student travel:  a case study approach
Author:  Davison, L. , Ahern, A. and Hine, J.
Date:  2015
Full citation:  Transportation Research D Transportation Research  Part D: Transport and the Environment, 38, 27-40.
Title:  Accessibility of health services for aged people in rural areas
Author:  Ahern, A. And Hine, J.
Date:  2015
Full citation:  International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 9, (5) 389-395.
Title:  The Green Fields of Ireland: The Legacy of Dublin’s Housing Boom and the Impact on Commuting
Author:  Caulfield, B. And Ahern, A.
Date:  2014
Full citation:  Case Studies on Transport Policy, 2, 1,  20-27.
Title:  Valuing Mobility in Older People
Author:   Ahern, A and Hine J
Date:  2012
Full citation:  Research In Transportation Economics, 34, 1, 27-34.
Title:  Exploring the drivers of light rail ridership: an empirical route level analysis of selected Australian, North American and European systems
Author:  Currie, G., Ahern, A and Delbosc, A,
Date:  2011
Full citation:  Transportation, 38, 545 – 56.
Title:  Do regional characteristics affect the distribution of car engine sizes? A case study in Ireland,
Author:  Fu, M., Ahern, A. and Kelly, A
Date:  2011
Full citation:  Transportation Research Part D: Transport and the Environment, 16, 7, 509-514
Title:  Predicting reinforced concrete frame response to excavation induced settlement
Author:  Laefer, Debra F.Ceribasi, SeyitLong, James H.Cording, Edward J.
Date:  Nov-2009
Full citation:  Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 135 (11): 1605-1619
Title:  Performance of soil nails in Dublin glacial till
Author:  Menkiti, Christopher O.Long, Michael (Michael M.)
Date:  Dec-2008
Full citation:  Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 45 (12): 1685-1698
Title:  Some experience in measuring pore water suction in Dublin glacial till
Author:  Long, Michael (Michael M.)Menkiti, Christopher O.Follet, Ben
Date:  Sep-2004
Full citation:  Geotechnical News, 22 (3): 21-27