Research at CCIR


Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Soft Load Testing
  • The Use of an Instrumented Vehicle to Monitor Transport Infrastructure

Bridge Loading

  • Implications of Convoying for Bridge Loading
  • Stone Arch Bridges - Modelling and Assessment
  • Pedestrian Loading


  • Predicting Pavement Damage from Traffic Loading
  • Performance modelling of pavements incorporating recycled asphalt


  • The use of stated preference techniques to model modal choices on interurban trips in Ireland
  • Developing optimisation models to prioritise transportation projects for investment

Rail Transport

  • Geophysical Assessment of Railway Infrastructure


  • Predicting Tunnelling Induced Settlement
  • Characterisation of stiffness anisotropy during Dublin METRO construction


  • Determination of Peat Strength
  • Smart Asset Management Tools – Real time monitoring of Infrastructure for Safety Evaluation
  • Shear Wave Velocity Monitoring Of Ground Improvement Works

Transport Materials

  • Risk assessment on the effects of recycled asphalt on water quality
  • Development of cold-mix pavement materials
  • Reliability analysis of concrete bridges subject to chloride induced corrosion
  • Corrosion Inhibitors in Reinforced Concrete