Greek and Roman Civilization aims to give an introduction to the civilization of Greece and Rome by concentrating on special topics in the areas of history, literature, philosophy, art and archaeology. No Greek or Latin is required as texts are studied in translation. No special qualifications are required to take Greek & Roman Civilization, but as essay writing is an important part of the programme, a good command of English is a great help. Curiosity and historical imagination enable you to feel at home more quickly in the ancient world.

In level 1 students are given the opportunity of sampling the full range of the different areas of Greek and Roman civilization taught by the School. In levels 2 and 3 you can either continue with this broad perspective, or you may choose to focus mainly on one or two areas, according to your interest, for example literature and history or art and archaeology. For those who wish to further their involvement with the classical world after the BA, the MA in Classics organized by the School of Classics provides a natural progression (see postgraduate).

The ancient world laid the foundations on which European literature, philosophy, education, art (and to some degree, science) were built and continue to develop. Greek and Roman Civilization is therefore a popular combination with English, European languages, philosophy and history. Its focus on the past also makes it of interest to students of Archaeology.

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