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Key to Irish Chitons
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Acanthochitona crinita  (Pennant 1777) [back to the Key] | [next] | [previous]

A. crinita and A. discrepans are considered to be taxonomically distinct species. However, the differences between valve sculpture on the two species are too fine to be able to identify in the field. (Some authors consider A. discrepans to simply be a morphotype of A. crinita.)

Length: to 34 mm

Tegmentum colour: typically olive green with pale blotches; the jugal area may be lighter (cream or beige) or with dark bluish longitudinal streaks.

Sculpture: valves prominently beaked. The jugal area with close, longitudinal riblets; latero-pleural areas covered in widely spaced, oval pustules.

Girdle: broad and densely covered with short spicules, with 18 large tufts of spines arranged around the head and at the sutures.

Bathymetric range: low-water to 50 m; lives sub-tidally on stones embedded in sand, near Laminaria kelp.

Geographic range: Found in the north Atlantic from Norway to the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas.

Similar species: Acanthochitona fascicularis

Taxonomy & Synonymy:

Acanthochitonidae Pacaud & Le Renard 1995



Acanthochitona crinita  (Pennant 1777 : Chiton)

= Chiton onyx Spengler 1797
= Chiton fascicularis var. minor Philippi 1836
= Acanthochaetes vulgaris Leach 1852
= Chiton fascicularis var. attenuata Jeffreys 1865
= Acanthochites adansoni Rochebrune 1881
= Acanthochites bouvieri Rochebrune 1881
= Anisochiton fascicularis var. violacea Pallary 1902  : nomen nudum
= Acanthochites fascicularis var. cinnabrina Dautzenberg & Durouchoux 1906
= Acanthochites fascicularis var. fusca Dautzenberg & Durouchoux 1906
= Acanthochites fascicularis var. lutescens Dautzenberg & Durouchoux 1906
= Acanthochiton oblongus Leloup 1981
! Chiton fascicularis Linné 1767 sensu Brown 1827

Acanthochitona discrepans  (Brown 1827 : Chiton)

= Chiton gracilis Jeffreys 1859
? Acanthochites aeneus Risso 1826

Synonyms (=); Dubious synonyms (?); Mis-identifications (!)