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Key to Irish Chitons
Species Description

Hanleya hanleyi (Bean in Thorpe 1844) [back to the Key] | [next] | [previous]

Length: to 22 mm long

Tegmentum colour: uniform creamy white to light tan, occasionally with brown mineral deposits.

Sculpture: uniformly sculpted with numerous large granules, arranged randomly on the lateral areas of the intermediate valves. There is a distinct jugal area with fine longitudinal riblets; the ribs are larger and set wider apart in the pleural areas.

Girdle: covered in randomly distributed spicules that stick out from the body.

Bathymetric range: 15 - 555 m

Geographic range: north Atlantic Ocean, from Labrador (Canada), to the Canary Islands, and in the Mediterranean Sea

Taxonomy and Synonymy:

Hanleyidae Bergenhayn 1955


Hanleya hanleyi  (Bean in Thorpe 1844 : Chiton)

= Hanleya debilis Gray J.E. 1857
= Lepidopleurus carinatus Dall 1927
= Hanleya dalli Kaas 1957

Synonyms (=); Dubious synonyms (?); Mis-identifications (!)