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Key to Irish Chitons
Species Description

Ischnochiton albus (Linnaeus 1767) [back to the Key] | [next] | [previous]

Length: 12-17 mm, up to 22 mm

Tegmentum colour: Uniform creamy white to very light tan, sometimes with concentric orange or brown streaks. Some specimens have black mineral deposits, particulary on the posterior edges of the valves (or completely covering the valves and girdle).

Sculpture: smooth and glossy to the naked eye, end valves and lateral areas with several concentric growth rings

Girdle: coloured like tegmentum, covered in small scales

Bathymetric range: shallow subtidal to 1000m (most common from 10-100 m)

Geographic range: an artic-boreal species, found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific. In the northern Atlantic Ocean, found from Norway to Spain. It the Pacific, it has been recorded from Alaska to California, and from northern Russian and Japan.

Similar species: Leptochiton spp.

Taxonomy and Synonymy:

Ischnochitonidae Dall 1889



Ischnochiton albus (Linnaeus 1767 : Chiton)

= Chiton aselloides Lowe 1825
= Chiton sagrinatus Couthouy 1838
= Lophyrus albus var. infuscata Sparre-Schneider 1881
? Chiton minimus Gmelin 1791
? Chiton oryza Spengler 1797

Synonyms (=); Dubious synonyms (?); Mis-identifications (!)