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Key to Irish Chitons
Species Description

Tonicella rubra (Linnaeus 1767) [back to the Key] | [next] | [previous]

Length: 10-15 mm long, 6-9 mm wide

Tegmentum colour: orange to pinkish, generally with small blotches of reddish-brown.

Sculpture: smooth to the naked eye, small granules are apparent under high magnification; valves distinctly beaked.

Girdle: Relatively narrow and covered by small scales, appearing sandy to the naked eye. Coloured like tegmentum, but sometimes with white or cream markings particularly in the sutures.

Bathymetric range: intertidal to sublittoral

Geographic range: an artic-boreal species, found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific. In the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean, found from Greenland and Scandinavia to Britain and Ireland; found also in the Western Atlantic down to Connecticut, and in the North Pacific from the Bering Sea to northern Japan.

Similar species: Tonicella marmorea

Taxonomy and Synonymy:

Ischnochitonidae Dall 1889


GENUS: TONICELLA Carpenter 1873

Tonicella rubra  (Linnaeus 1767 : Chiton)

= Chiton laevis Pennant 1777
= Chiton minimus Spengler 1797
= Chiton incarnatus Reeve 1848
= Chiton latus Leach 1852
= Chiton ruber var. oblonga Jeffreys 1865
= Tonicella rubra var. index Balch 1906
= Tonicella beringensis Jakovleva 1951
= Tonicella granulata Jakovleva 1952
= Tonicella zotini Jakovleva 1952
= Tonicella beringensis lucida Sirenko 1974
! Chiton cinereus Linnaeus 1767 sensu Fabricius 1780          

Synonyms (=); Dubious synonyms (?); Mis-identifications (!)