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The Natural History Museum is closed until further notice, following an accident in July 2007.
See the report from RTE on 5 July:

CoBiD activities take place "behind the scenes" and are not affected by the closure. We have contributed to the scientific content of new and temporary exhibits in the museum galleries, and hope to continue to do so in future.

Since its launch in April 2003, the CoBiD partnership has recieved considerable attention and interest from the Irish media, at local and national levels. Frequent articles have appeared in

  • The Irish Times
  • Sunday Tribune
  • Science SPIN magazine

Listen to the Radio... selected CoBiD appearances on RTÉ Radio 1

  • Art and Science with invertebrates: Blaschka glass models (Julia Sigwart & Nigel Monaghan) [real audio]
    10 minutes, starts at 6:15
  • CoBiD-UREKA undergraduate research programme (Julia Sigwart & UREKA students) [real audio]
    15 minutes, starts at 0:30
  • NMINH ornithology collections (Julia Sigwart) [real audio]
    15 minutes, starts at 1:05
  • Giant squid in the Natural History Museum (Julia Sigwart) [real audio]
    15 minutes, starts at 5:20


  • All-Ireland Museum of the Year Award: honour for education and outreach activities
  • UCD President's Award for teaching innovation 2004
  • UCD President's Award for teaching innovation 2005

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