Collections-based Biology in Dublin
Julia Sigwart, Director
T. +353 (0)1 630 7006

CoBiD: University - Museum partnership

Collections-based Biology in Dubin (CoBiD) is the joint programme linking Dublin's Natural History Museum and the School of Biological and Environmental Sciences in UCD.

Work on preserved biological specimens held in museum collections underpins all aspects of biological science: biodiversity, bioinformatics, biotechnology and conservation biology, as well as applied studies of anatomy and evolutionary relationships. These characterise only some of the most common applications of specimens housed in dedicated-use museum collections around the world. Records and data from specimen and field research have enormous value for building knowledge of life on our planet and for solving real-world problems. However, before this programme was introduced in April 2003, such resources for research and teaching in biology had been untapped for university teaching and research in Ireland!

CoBiD is, so far, the only dedicated collections-based undergraduate teaching programme in the world. We teach transferable research skills to students applicable to any area of specimen-based biology. Learners in our programmes contribute directly to documentation and collections research projects ongoing in the collections.

The programme is supported through grant funding for specific projects.

Overview leaflet [download PDF]