UCD School of Civil Engineering

Meeting society’s diverse challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead are reflected in the educational and research themes of the UCD School of Civil Engineering. The core survival needs of mankind have always been addressed through engineered solutions but society has continually developed in complexity and so too has the complexity of mankind’s needs.

The civil engineering profession and UCD’s civil engineering school has continually responded by also evolving in its complexity, so that the significant challenges of the 21st century can be met. Today, more than ever, innovative engineering thinking is required to ensure the sustainability of our precious plant. The challenges of sustainable development stray beyond neat boundaries traditionally associated with the term ‘civil engineering’. The perception that ‘civil engineering’ is a narrow field (construction) is very far from the truth. Our students and graduates, whose analytic, problem-solving, design-thinking and managerial talents flourish through our taught programmes and research projects, are well-equipped to play key roles in society and business, nationally and internationally. These talented individuals use their civil engineering formative education both within and outside the traditional discipline of civil engineering. Their education and skills are highly valued in a diverse range of employment sectors. Meeting these needs is reflected in the innovative pedagogy and the diverse research themes of the UCD School of Civil Engineering.