UCD College of Social Sciences and Law

UCD College of Social Sciences and Law delivers internationally recognised, academically rigorous undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in key social science disciplines, law, and philosophy. The College delivers graduate degrees in subjects such as law, politics, international relations, international development, nationalism and ethnic conflict, psychology, economics, and information systems. Courses also include professional qualifications for a career as a solicitor, barrister, social worker, secondary school teacher, librarian or clinical psychologist.

Numerous innovative interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary degrees are available in the College on topics such as public policy, equality studies, human rights, geopolitics, global migration, cognitive science, European affairs and European law. The College employs progressive methods of teaching and learning in a collaborative and supportive environment. Selected masters degrees offer students the opportunity to liaise directly with partner organisations though project work, or undertake professional internships in Ireland or internationally.