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UCD Student Complaints Office

Oifig Ghearán na Mac Léinn


UCD is committed to providing an excellent education and high quality services to our students.

UCD continuously seeks to improve the student experience. From time to time problems arise, and students should be supported in expressing their dissatisfaction and seeking resolution to problems encountered. The University takes complaints seriously and endeavours to improve its processes and services by listening to, responding to, recording and resolving students’ dissatisfaction. The following principles reflect the University’s commitment to resolving complaints as quickly as possible with emphasis on local resolution. Students should feel free to raise concerns without risk of disadvantage and are encouraged to seek guidance and advice from a student support professional.

Complaint Handling Principles

The purpose of the Student Complaints Policy and Procedure is to support students and staff in situations where a student makes a complaint about their experience at UCD. In this, the policy sets out the following principles that govern how UCD handles complaints:

  • Accessible and user-focused: clearly communicated, easily understood and places the complainant at the centre of the process.
  • Simple and timely: involves limited steps and wherever possible seeks early resolution to the satisfaction of all
  • Robust and fair: provides thorough evidence-based investigations in which the complaint handling principles are consistently applied
  • Supports improvement: analysis of outcomes will support improvements in service quality and decision-making