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Order of Proceedings at Conferring Ceremonies

As you can imagine, the ceremonies involve a great many people. Therefore we would greatly appreciate your co-operation in ensuring that they run smoothly. We hope that you find this information helpful in making your conferring ceremony an enjoyable and memorable occasion for you and your guests.


Guests are asked to take their seats in O'Reilly Hall no later than approximately half an hour before the ceremony commences. Guests should use the main entrance to O'Reilly Hall.

Graduands to Register in Conservatory, O'Reilly Hall

Graduands are to register in the Conservatory, O'Reilly Hall (the glass side of the O'Reilly Hall that fronts onto the lake) no later than approximately half an hour before the ceremony commences. Graduands should enter through glass doors at the side of the Conservatory. Graduands should be wearing academic dress.

When graduands give their name at the registration desk in the Conservatory, they will be given a number which signifies the order in which graduands will be presented with their degrees. Graduands are asked to line up in numerical order based upon the number that they have each been given. It is very important that graduands line up in the correct order, it is in this specific order that they will process into the main hall, be seated and be called to the platform to receive their degree.

Order of Proceedings in O'Reilly Hall

When graduands have processed into the hall and are seated, the Registrar leads the academic procession into the hall. The Registrar will make a short announcement to explain the procedures which will be followed:

  • The candidates on whom degrees are to be conferred are "graduands", that is they have fulfilled the requirements and are proceeding to their degrees.
  • The Registrar will ask graduands for a particular degree to stand, as a group in their places in the hall for the formal conferring of the degree.
  • The Dean will present the graduands for the degree.
  • In response to the presentation by the Dean, the President will confer the degree. The candidates have then become "graduates".
  • Graduates are then directed to the platform to receive the testimonium from the President.
  • Graduates are asked to wait in order at the steps until his/her name is called.

    Graduands are kindly asked to co-operate with staff assisting at the conferring ceremonies.