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Core Technology Summer School 2014
Flow Cytometry; Principles & Practice

Course Overview
Our major goal is to promote high standards in flow cytometry practice and support the development of applications. This module is designed for scientists who wish to critically understand the principles, practice and applications of flow cytometry; appreciate the complexity of flow, be able to design flow experiments; and become competent and independent users of this technology and its tools. Several manufacturing companies and suppliers will be involved and they will provide precise up to date information of the new instruments and reagents available.

This international course will be a 5 day programme comprising seminars and practical sessions using several instruments and remote sites. The practical portion will reinforce the concepts of the morning lectures.

We encourage participants to bring their own samples to analyse during the practical sessions. If any of the participants would like to perform the practical sessions in their mother language, please contact Alfonso Blanco.

Facilities including accommodation will be available in the university campus, in order to minimise costs for participants.

Who should attend?
Our target audience are those with no, or basic, flow cytometry experience in research or clinical environments wishing to learn the main concepts of flow cytometry.

What will I learn from this course?
Learning the fundamentals of cytometry will ensure that your flow cytometry experiments will yield accurate results. We will provide key details for interpreting published material, and the best practice for presenting the results.

− Alfonso Blanco, University College Dublin
− Barry Moran, Trinity College Dublin

The organisers of the Core Technology Summer School 2014 would like to sincerely thank all contributors for their time and the participating companies listed for their generous support by providing instruments, reagents, application specialists and catering. Affymetrix – eBiosciences; BD Biosciences; BioRad (Fannin); BioStatus; ExCyte; MerckMillipore; Miltenyi; Partec; Propel Labs; ThermoFisher – Life Technologies (BioSciences)

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