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Graduate Achievements


Padraig Keane, a 2nd year postgraduate student with the Nanoscale Function Group (PI Prof. Suzi Jarvis) was recently awarded a Peebles Award for Graduate Student Research in Adhesion Science by The Adhesion Society, for his work on spider adhesion.

Padraig's research utilises atomic force microscopy to measure the adhesive strength of nanoscale setules on the tarsi of a number of spider species. He also uses scanning electron microscopy to examine these setules in more detail. Setules are tiny hairs on the spider's foot, which allow them to climb smooth surfaces such as glass, without the need for any additional adhesive secretions.

Padraig’s work will be presented at the 33rd Annual Meeting of The Adhesion Society in Daytona Beach, Florida in February 2010 and his research is funded by an IRCSET Embark scholarship and SFI.


Conway postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Niamh O’Sullivan represented University College Dublin at the inaugural Roche Researcher Of The Year Awards, which were held in The Westbury Hotel, Dublin, on Thursday, November 26th. Niamh was selected to compete in the competition after winning the 2009 UCD Conway Festival of Research & Innovation gold medal. She presented her preliminary research to identify epigenetic mechanisms, which may contribute to disease characteristics seen in schizophrenia.

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