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Graduate Lifecycle Stage 4

Stages of graduate study

Doctoral studies, usually completed within 3-4 years, are comprised of two stages:

Stage 1

  • Defining your research plan
  • Developing your research skills
  • Initiating original research work

Stage 2

  • Continuing your doctoral research
  • Including some advanced education and training

Progressing to stage 2: Assessment

In order to progress from stage 1 to 2, you will need to attend an assessment panel.

Normally held between 12-18 months after beginning your course, the purpose is to assess:

  • Your progress
  • Your competence
  • Your capacity to complete your proposed research and become an independent researcher

The assessment requires:

  • a progress report from your supervisor
  • a written statement of progress and a research plan from you

Recommendation is then sent for approval to the Graduate School Board.

Choosing and registering your modules

Credit requirements

The UCD structured PhD operates in a credit-based framework. One credit corresponds to 20 to 25 hours of student work.

  • During a 3 year PhD you can earn 30 credits by taking academic, research or transferable skills modules
  • During a 4 year PhD you can earn 90 credits by taking academic, research or transferable skills modules

For more details on your programme requirements, talk to:

  • Your school’s graduate coordinator
  • Thematic doctoral programme director
  • Graduate school manager

Get to know your supervisor

Your supervisor is your first point of contact for all issues

What to do about administrative issues

On enrolment , you’ll be registered to a particular school within UCD. For administrative issues, your first point of contact is the graduate administrator for your school. Contact your School Graduate Administrator 

Keeping to deadlines

Many processes in your time here as a graduate will require approval at monthly school & programme meetings, so key dates for submission of information are set and must be adhered to.

Helpful resources

You should attend the orientation sessions held in October. There are also a number of handbooks available from your School, Graduate School & the Graduate Studies Office. Browse the Graduate Studies Office website for orientation and registration guides.

Become a research demonstrator

Looking to earn some money while studying? Think about becoming a Research Demonstrator. You’ll earn an hourly wage, and as a full time student you’re also exempt from income tax.

To apply:

Payments are arranged through UCD Administrative Services – Fees and Grants

Next step

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