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Graduate Lifecycle Stage 5

Preparing your thesis

Submission dates & extensions

The final date of submission is usually the last day of the academic semester.

If you require an extension to your submission date (beyond a 30 day grace period), you must apply for it with the support of your principal supervisor and/or the doctoral studies panel or research masters panel.

Extension of registration

You may also request a further extension of registration in cases where extenuating academic, medical or personal circumstances have prevented you from completing and submitting your thesis within your registration period.

You may be granted an extension for a minimum of one semester to a maximum of one calendar year.

No more than one extension will normally be approved.

Leave of absence & withdrawal

If you do not submit a thesis by the end of your extension of registration, you may apply for a leave of absence (where there are extenuating academic, medical or personal circumstances), or you may withdraw from the University.

Download the Policy on Leave of Absence, Extension and Withdrawal for Graduate Research Degrees (PDF)

Submitting your thesis

Along with your thesis, complete a PhD thesis submission form to state that your thesis has been prepared for examination under supervision.

The form is available from your programme administrator or school graduate administrator.


The date of conferral is available from the Conferring Unit .

Check the online schedule or call extension 1667 or 1392.

Please note:

  • All degrees must be conferred at the conferring ceremony designated for the degree. Postponement of conferring is not permitted.
  • Sucessful candidates who can’t attend on the day will have their degrees conferred in absentia and their testimoniums posted to them after the ceremony.
  • Ceremonies are held in the O’Reilly Hall on the UCD campus, Belfield.
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