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Our Graduate Students 

Brian MooneyB‌rian Mooney

Can we discover new therapeutic opportunities for breast cancer patients who have become resistant to the drug, Tamoxifen. Find out more about Brian's research.

Lisa Dwane

Lisa Dwane Targeting drivers of cell growth in breast cancer to find new treatments for patients whose tumours become resistent to particular drugs over time. Learn more about Lisa's research.  

Paul Lavin thumbnailPaul Lavin

‌Figuring out how to control cell division may take us a step closer to finding new treatments for cancer. I'm trying to understand how a particular protein operates in cell division. Learn more about Paul's research.

Mattia BraminiMattia Bramini

Do engineered nanoparticles present a significant neuro-toxicological risk to humans? Using a laboratory model of the blood brain barrier, I aim to track the passage of nanoparticles across it using advanced imaging techniques. Learn more about Mattia's research.

Conway PhD student, Ashling HampsonAshling Hampson

Platelets are highly specialised cells that play a major role in the regulating blood flow and clotting. If we can characterise the molecular mechanisms involved in platelet granule secretion, we may be able to develop new targets for controlling platelet activation. Learn more about Ashling's research.

Lisa Shine

Lisa ShineUsing advanced techniques, we are deciphering the role that particular genes play in the development and function of our visual system. This knowledge might contribute to the development of new treatments for blindness in the future. Learn more about Lisa's research.

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