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Ashling Hampson

My Research - Mechanisms of platelet granule secretion

Conway PhD student, Ashling HampsonPlatelets are highly specialised cells that play a major role in the regulation of haemostasis and thrombosis. Three major types of granules have been observed in platelets: alpha granules, dense granules and lysosomes. The mechanisms controlling granule release are only partially known. I am focusing on the protein family of double C2 domain-containing proteins, which are often found in signalling molecules and proteins involved in vesicular trafficking in eukaryotes.

Proteomic studies suggest that C2 domain-containing proteins synaptotagmin-like protein 4 (Slp4) and membrane targeting double C2 domain-containing protein1 (MTAC2D1) are expressed in platelets. I am testing the effects of purified Slp4 and MTAC2D1 proteins on granule secretion in permeabilised platelets. I am also trying to identify specific interaction partners of Slp4 and MTAC2D1. With this project, my aim is to characterise the molecular mechanisms involved in the control of platelet granule secretion and develop new targets for the control of platelet activation.

Working with:

Dr Albert Smolenski




A scientist because?

The science subjects were my favourite all through school and working as a scientist is something I’ve always wanted to pursue. The work for me is both interesting and rewarding and I’ve no regrets in choosing this career path.

When I hang up my lab coat, I love to…

Socialise, read, travel and play guitar

Why choose UCD Conway?

The Conway Institute is a multidisciplinary centre for research and a state of the art facility. It has a wide range of facilities and equipment available to aid me in my research. There are many groups carrying out research in a variety of areas and there is always somebody to ask for advice or help.

Ashling graduated in 2012 and is currently working as a Quality/Validations Engineer at Trinity Biotech, Dublin

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