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Lisa Shine

My Research - Identifying genes involved in eye development

Conway PhD student, Lisa ShineThe development of the eye is a complex process involving a network of genes. Mutations in these genes are often implicated in inherited forms of eye disease and therefore represent therapeutic tools for the treatment of blindness.

In our laboratory, we use zebrafish as a model organism to study these genes that are important in eye development and in the function of the visual system. Zebrafish are a popular model organism as their genes are closely related to those in humans and often have the same or similar roles in development and disease. Using genetic and pharmacological techniques, we hope to gain a better understanding of the role that particular genes play in the development and function of the visual system, and that in the future this knowledge might contribute to the development of new treatments for blindness.

Working with:

Dr Breandan Kennedy 


Blackrock, Co. Dublin

A scientist because?

I have always loved carrying out scientific experiments. And when my secondary school science teacher first demonstrated the explosion produced by adding potassium to water, the thought of getting to do things like that as part of my adult working life really excited me! These days my work is a little less dramatic than that but I still love the buzz that I get when an experiment produces interesting results that nobody else has seen before!

When I hang up my lab coat, I love to…

Play my violin in an orchestra and a rock band,  go to ballet classes, play hockey and go running to keep fit!

Why choose UCD Conway?

Because there are such a variety of research groups working on a wide range of projects in the one place, there are always interesting seminars to attend; we have access to the most cutting edge technology; experts are on hand for advice and there’s always someone to go for coffee with!

Lisa graduated in 2012 and is currently teaching in St. David's Holy Faith Secondary School, Wicklow

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