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Paul Lavin

My Research - The Characterisation of Cyclophilin A as a Novel Regulator of Cytokinesis

Paul LavinCell division, or cytokinesis, is an important step in the cell cycle as it allows a single cell to divide into two daughter cells. Knowing how this step is controlled is important in finding new treatments for cancer because cancer can be seen as uncontrolled cell division. It was found that Cyclophilin A is often over-expressed in many different types of cancer cells. By mutating Cyclophilin A I can work out what part of the protein is needed for it localise to the midbody, an important cellular structure involved in cell division. What’s more, using these mutations, I can also work out which proteins Cyclophilin A interacts with during cytokinesis, allowing for a better understanding of the process of cytokinesis as a whole. The ultimate aim is to understand Cyclophilin A so that it can be targeted as an anti-cancer therapy.

Working with:

Dr Margaret McGee 


Kiltimagh, Mayo, Ireland

A scientist because?

From a young age growing up on a farm, I was always wondering about the world around me and how it worked. As such, picking science was natural for me, as it feeds my curiosity about the world around me.

When I hang up my lab coat, I love to…

...When I'm done in the lab, I volunteer with St John's Ambulance and I am a committee member of the RDS Committee on Science & Technology. I generally read, watch TV or play PC games when I’m not volunteering.

Why choose UCD Conway?

One of the biggest reasons I picked UCD Conway Institute was the fact that different disciplines work side by side. Different laboratory groups are known for different techniques which allows me to gain a wealth of knowledge not only outside my own laboratory group but also my own scientific field.

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