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About the Credit Structure

Programme structure: Credits and modules

Since piloting in 2002, our graduate programme has undergone some changes:

In 2004, we re-structured our programme to create a flexible delivery framework for professional & transferable skills in line with recommendations on best practise from the Irish Universities Association (IUA) and the Bologna Process.

In 2006, when UCD implemented the structured PhD programme, we introduced credit based modules so you can  accumulate credits towards your degree.

A module is a unit of learning, teaching and assessment.

  • Academic modules broaden and deepen your knowledge of your discipline, informing the development of the theoretical framework for your doctoral research.
  • Research skills modules provide advanced training in methodological issues.
  • Transferable skills modules provide training in the skills necessary for your professional development, enabling you to complete your doctoral research on time and enhance your professional attractiveness for potential employers.

Each module has an assigned credit value depending on the workload involved for the student. One credit corresponds to 20 to 25 hours of total student effort. By successfully completing a module, you can accumulate credit towards your PhD.

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