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Our Students and Staff

Stella AdemowoOpeyemi Stella Ademowo

By identifying differences in the protein profile of inflammatory arthritis patients that respond to anti-TNF-α drugs compared with poor responders, we may be able to pinpoint biomarkers that can be used to predict response to treatment. Learn more about Stella's research.

Mattia BraminiMattia Bramini

Do engineered nanoparticles present a significant neuro-toxicological risk to humans? Using a laboratory model of the blood brain barrier, I aim to track the passage of nanoparticles across it using advanced imaging techniques. Learn more about Mattia's research.

Conway PhD student, Ashling HampsonAshling Hampson

Platelets are highly specialised cells that play a major role in the regulating blood flow and clotting. If we can characterise the molecular mechanisms involved in platelet granule secretion, we may be able to develop new targets for controlling platelet activation. Learn more about Ashling's research.

Lisa Shine

Lisa ShineUsing advanced techniques, we are deciphering the role that particular genes play in the development and function of our visual system. This knowledge might contribute to the development of new treatments for blindness in the future. Learn more about Lisa's research.

Professor Catherine Godson

Image of Prof Catherine Godson

Professor Godson’s research group use the very latest techniques in molecular cell biology to find out why some people are susceptible to diabetes. Learn more about Professor Godson's research.

Professor David Brayden

Image of Prof David Brayden

David Brayden is an Associate Professor and Director of Research Innovation at the UCD School of Agriculture, Food Science & Veterinary Medicine, and a Principal Investigator at the UCD Conway Institute, where he is spearheading a major SFI-funded drug-delivery project. Learn more about Professor Brayden's research.

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